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The benefits of automation are well documented; it increases productivity, cuts cost and minimizes errors. It eliminates repetitive manual tasks, freeing us up to be more innovative. By that logic, surely, we should automate everything possible, right? So, is attempting to automate eve...
For over ten years, DevOps has been taking the world by storm. It has made organizations step back, evaluate their processes and implement enterprise-wide cultural and infrastructural change. Vendors have followed suite, introducing an abundance of continuous delivery tools to facilita...
Self-Service: How Automation Helps You Help Yourself
Automating the CA Ecosystem
For what feels like a lifetime, industry analysts and experts have predicted ‘this' will be the year the Internet of Things (IoT) finally takes off, both within industry and for consumers. But, as if by clockwork, each year of ‘guaranteed' IoT explosion has passed - the mass adoption a...
While Artificial Intelligence (AI) may not be a new concept, its contribution to automation may just change the face of business. AI's conception dates as far back as 1950, when Alan Turing proposed the Turing test in order to evaluate a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behavio...
Mainframe Automation: Continuous Delivery Isn’t Just for Kids Anymore
CA Automic Release Automation Environment Blueprints for All Application Landscapes
Managing and Automating the DevOps Toolchain
CA Automic v12.1: Intelligent Automation for the Modern Software Factory
We are delighted that for the second consecutive year Gartner has positioned CA Technologies as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Application Release Automation
Mapping Your Continuous Delivery Journey at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017
We've all read the dystopian fiction, watched those apocalyptic movies and heard a myriad of prophetic warnings heralding our obsolescence. Surely now we're just a couple of years from flipping the switch on a Skynet of our own making and condemning mankind to the annals of history. A...
DevOps Orchestration with CA ARA v12.1
Since the emergence of the Agile Manifesto back in 2001, agile quickly established itself as the prevalent software development methodology. The industry rapidly adopted shorter sprints of work, regular reassessment and so on. So, surely, in 2017 there's no question as to whether we're...
Does Temenos Core Banking Software Need Intelligent Automation?
CA APM and CA Automic Release Automation: A Match Made in DevOps
CA Automic Wins DevOps Industry Awards in “Leading DevOps Vendor” Category
The Internet of Things: Surviving the Connected Device Transition
Service Orchestration: The Three-Legged Stool of Intelligent Business Automation
CA Automic Release Automation v12.1: Scaling Continuous Delivery for the Enterprise
Introducing CA Automic v12.1
Cutting Through CD Complexity Like Ginsu Knives
Deliver Flawless UX, or Watch Your App Crash and Business Burn
Dragging Your ERP Systems into the 21st Century
Data Warehouse: Characteristics and Benefits
Getting the Full DevOps Picture with our Continuous Delivery Map
Agility In, Silos Out: How to Automate the Legacy Stack
Since its inception, cloud computing has come a long way, yet people still possess misgivings and misunderstandings about what it can do, particularly when it comes to workloads. The history of cloud computing, if only conceptually, stretches back further than you may imagine. The clo...
Understanding Your Network of Continuous Delivery Tools
Since joining CA, we have been diligently weaving automation into the very core of the modern software factory. The modern software factory is what every company needs to become in order to succeed in the digital world and in this blog, I want to discuss API management and continuous d...
CA APM and Automic Release Automation: A Match Made in DevOps
As consumers in the age of digital innovation, we benefit from an abundance of technologies, each seeking to simplify our daily lives. Be it Apple, Amazon or Google, our digital service providers are only too happy for us to take advantage of their latest cool apps or funky new tools. ...
CA Service Virtualization and Automic Release Automation: Claiming Pole Position
In the digital age, speed is everything and no-one wants to be left behind. Being slow to react is the first and, most likely, final nail in the coffin for a 21st century company. The rigidity of the traditional ‘waterfall’ development approach was overhauled by the ‘agile’ philosophy....
The Implications of Digital Innovation
Docker is on a roll. In the last few years, this container management service has become immensely popular in development, especially given the great fit with agile-based projects and continuous delivery. In this article, I want to take a brief look at how you can use Docker to acceler...
Driving Automation at Oracle OpenWorld 2017
DevSecOps: Securing Your Continuous Delivery Pipeline
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